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Slide backgroundPost A Bail Bond In All 21 NJ CountiesNo Matter Where In New Jersey, We Get It Done!Our statewide network of bail bond agents and offices is unmatched. We can arrange to have a bail bond posted with any Jail, Municipality or County Superior Court in the State of New Jersey. No matter the bail bond amount, we can offer our assistance in your time of need. Contact our office to arrange for a bail bond anywhere in New Jersey.
Slide backgroundOnline Bail Bond ApplicationComplete The ENTIRE Bail Bond Process ONLINE!We have now brought the bail bond process totally online. You can submit your bail bond application through our secure website along with making payments. No need to make a late night visit to our office after work or take time away from your life. Post a bail bond in NJ anytime!
Slide backgroundLow & Affordable PaymentsFlexible Payment PlansWe understand that the economy isn't doing so well in New Jersey. We have flexible payment options available on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis for all bail bonds. We offer smaller installment payments to suit your income level. Contact us today to get an estimate on your payments and down payment amount.
Slide backgroundSpeak With A REAL NJ Bail Bond Agent OnlineSpeak to a licensed bail bond agent online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in NJ. It's like having a direct line to your own personal bail bond agent. We are available to answer questions through our office terminals and on our mobile devices. This ensures that we can be reached at any time when you need us most in New Jersey.new jersey bail bonds chatnj bail bonds livechat
Slide background24 Hours / 7 DaysAny Jail, Any Time, Anywhere In New JerseyWe have bail bond agents available throughout the State of New Jersey and a network of bail bond agents all over the US. Our bail bond agents are available outside regular office hours to cater to the needs of our customers in NJ 24/7.
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August 7, 2016

New Jersey Bail Bonds | Dollar Bail Bonds NJ

Contact Dollar Bail Bonds at (888) 599-5245 to get your loved one released today.

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Give us a call today and speak to a licensed NJ bail bond agent 24 hours a day, seven days a week in New Jersey. We are here to answer any questions you may have.
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Post A NJ Bail Bond Online

The entire bail bond process can now be done online in New Jersey! Complete our Online Bail Bond Application and get started today! It's fast, simple and easy. Apply Now!

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Getting Arrested In New Jersey | NJ Bail Process

A brief video summary of the arrest and bail bond process in New Jersey

Dollar Bail Bonds Blog | Important Information & Tips On Posting Bail In New Jersey

Being Arrested in New Jersey

What Happens After Getting Arrested in NJ?

Finding yourself in the custody of the police or close to someone that is can be a stressful period. Most people who are arrested think they know their rights and what to expect. A lot of this “knowledge” can be contributed from...
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NJ Bail Bond Process

When an individual is arrested, they will usually be taken to a local NJ law enforcement agency for booking. During the booking process, bail will be set. After the person is booked, they are generally transferred to a local NJ county jail for holding.
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Frequently Asked Bail Bond Questions

Do you have a question and cannot find the answer? Check out our knowledge base where you can search frequently asked questions. You can also submit your own question and a licensed professional will respond within minutes.
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About Dollar Bail Bonds

Dollar Bail Bonds is headquartered in New Jersey with additional offices throughout the USA. We handle bail bonds in any amount and are able to post bail bonds with any Municipal, State & Federal Court. Contact us and get your loved one released today!
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Our New Jersey Bail Bond Services

  • We understand that not everyone has a perfect credit history. Eligibility for financing is based on several factors. Some One of the most basic criteria for indemnifying a bond is that the person needs to be gainfully employed. Complete our online bail bond application to determine the amount of money needed as a down payment. Click Here To Start Your Application NOW!
  • Immigration bail bonds are not like your typical criminal bonds. Criminal bonds are typically posted with State Courts. Immigration bonds are posted with the Federal Court. Immigration bonds are a rare specialty. Our network of agents allows us to post an Immigration Bond for anywhere in the United States. Connect With An Immigration Specialist NOW!
  • Our network of agents and offices throughout the United States allows us to get a bond posted in any state where commercial bail is accepted. Speak to a licensed professional today and have all of your questions answered. Contact us today and begin the process of getting your loved one released!

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